About us

Lymph-ology, a division of European Biological Medicine Clinic, True Wellness, is located in North Wales, PA. Based on the philosophy that today's health challenges arise from many layers of toxic health stressors, Lymph-ology believes an impaired lymphatic system is a common health stressor that is commonly overlooked, yet essential in addressing a  client's overall health.


Founded in early 2014, by True Wellness Practitioner's Ian Kennedy & Kelly Kennedy, Lymph-ology specializes in a  Lymphatic Drainage therapy system known as Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (L.E.T),  utilizing the Lymphstar Pro ®, Aria LET ®, and the newest technology in Lymphatic enhancement, the FlowPresso. The FlowPresso is comprised of a series of air chambers that make up a "suit" which wraps around the feet, legs, arms, and stomach. With a combination of Deep Pressure Therapy and Far Infrared Heat, it is making its way to the top of the charts when it comes to Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy for its ability to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and drop the body into a true state of "restore and repair". 


Lymph-ology is professionally staffed by dedicated L.E.T Therapists who are skillfully trained in the use of the FlowPresso, Lymphstar Pro ® and Aria LET ®.  Our therapists have been selected for both their technical skill with the device, as well as for their compassionate attitude and professionalism. 


We invite you to relax in the care of a Lymph-ology therapist who has the skill and the desire to facilitate the very best in Lymphatic Enhancement Technology.



Our Staff

Sarah Eckhard: Body Worker, F.L.O.W. Therapist

Kelly Kennedy: Biological Therapist for Lymph-ology & True Wellness

Julie Waltenbaugh: Lymph-ology Schedule Coordinator