The main role of the lymphatic system is detoxification and disposal of metabolic waste. Normal everyday stressors of the typical modern lifestyle including stress, lack of exercise,  poor diet, allergies and environmental factors (the compromised quality of our water, air and food sources), can cause significant accumulations of metabolic waste products in our body, some of which are toxic. In many cases, this accumulation of toxins burdens our lymphatic system causing us to feel many symptoms including fatigue, body aches and pains, headaches, digestive stress and repeated episodes of colds, flu and sinus issues. Lymphatic drainage can naturally rid the body of this toxic load.

How can L.E.T. help?

Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy is a great way to gently detoxify the body. L.E.T can also be used as an adjunct therapy in addition to other detoxification programs. By decongesting the lymphatic system prior to the start of your detox program, clients generally experience less fatigue and  fewer adverse side effects that may occur in the initial stages of a detox program. L.E.T is especially beneficial in conjunction with a weight loss program, nutritionally based body cleanse or amalgam remediation.