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Lymphatic Enhancement 


What is Lymphatic Enhancement Technology?


Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (L.E.T.) is a non-invasive, gentle detoxification therapy used to improve lymphatic integrity and restore lymphatic flow and function. Using glass pyrex bulbs that emit low-energy, vibrational frequencies, L.E.T.encourages toxins, excess fluid, cellular waste and proteins accumulated between the cells to safely exit through the body's natural elimination channels. When combined with proper nutrition, diet and moderate exercise, L.E.T. increases and overall feeling of well-being and can help restore your lymphatic system to optimal health within a few sessions.
















What is the Lymphatic System and why is it important to my health?


The lymphatic system is a key component of your immune system. This system consists of lymphatic ducts, vessels and capillaries, lymph nodes and lymph (fluid). The tonsils, adenoids, spleen and thymus are also part of the lymphatic system. It's primary function is to transport lymph, a clear -to- milky fluid through a vast network of over 600 lymph nodes. Lymph fluid carries specialized cells throughout your body that search out and destroy viruses, bacteria, toxins and waste products. The lymphatic system also helps circulate fluids, proteins, hormones and immune cells throughout the body that are vital to maintaining total body well-being and balance.


Our lymphatic system is like a transportation highway; as long as cars are moving freely, everybody can easily get to their destination. But what happens if there is an accident? Lane closures? Cars are now stuck on the highway with no way to exit. Cars quickly begin to pile up, creating traffic congestion and road blockades. Similar to a free flowing highway that comes to a stop, lymph, a clear watery fluid, becomes cloudy and thick with toxic waste products when the body can not eliminate "traffic jams." This lymphatic congestion can lead to swollen lymph nodes, a variety of chronic symptoms, illnesses and even cancer.  L.E.T. helps clear the roadway wreckage, opens the freeway and allows traffic to flow again.



How does my Lymphatic system become congested? 


Unlike the heart for the circulatory system, the lymphatic system is not pressurized by a muscle or "pump". Therefore, lymphatic fluid does not flow at the same speed as blood. Without a "pump" the flow of lymph throughout the body is naturally slow and can easily get congested. Modern lifestyles substantially add to impaired lymph function, ranging from inactivity, poor diet and stress to environmental toxins and bodily injuries. When this state of congestion is long lasting, blockages can form and cause a backup in free lymphatic flow. As a result the lymphatic system needs greater assistance in clearing congestion and maintaining optimal health.



What factors affect my Lymphatic Health? 


Normal, everyday stressors have an impact of our Lymphatic health. The most common stressors on the lymphatic system include:


  • Poor Nutrition & Diet

  • Insufficient daily water intake

  • Stress

  • Wearing clothing that is too tight, including bras, neck-ties and compression garments.

  • Food allergies or sensitivities

  • Lack of exercise / Sedentary Lifestyles

  • Environmental toxins including pollution, heavy metals, pesticides & herbicides.

  • Hormonal Imbalances

  • Infections & Illness

  • Normal Aging process

  • Traumatic injuries & surgeries



Are there other types of Lymphatic problems?


Yes, some people are born with primary lymphatic diseases. But most of us have lymphatic issues related to modern lifestyles, poor health habits, trauma and surgeries.



How do I know if I need Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy?


Most everyone can benefit from Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy!  The following common symptoms and conditions can be alleviated within a few sessions of Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy. 


  • Headaches

  • Constipation & Bloating

  • Sinus Problems & Congestion

  • Chronic Joint Pains & Body Pains

  • Allergies

  • Asthma & Lung Conditions

  • Fatigue

  • Frequent occurrence of Cold & Flu

  • Persistent Swollen Lymph Nodes

  • Tonsillitis

  • Edema / Excess Water Retention

  • Fibrocystic & Tender Breasts

  • Appearance of Cellulite

  • Enlarged Prostate



What can I expect from a Lymphatic Enhancement Session?


L.E.T. is a non-invasive body therapy that requires clients to lay on a massage table, under sheets with some clothing/garments removed. The therapist then administers the body work by placing ionized glass bulbs directly on the skin which are then glided over the skin in rhythmic motions stimulating lymphatic flow and directing lymphatic fluid to the appropriate sites of drainage. Sessions may include work on the face, arms, chest and/or breasts, abdomen, legs and back. Clients are appropriately draped throughout the session, as various body areas are worked. Soft, tranquil music is played in the room and lights are dimmed for an enjoyable experience. Most clients find the experience very relaxing and often fall asleep on the table.



How long are lymphatic sessions and how many sessions will I need to help with my condition?


Typical appointments are 30 to 60 minutes in length depending on your areas of concern. Our therapists have found that several, consistent sessions (1-2x weekly) over a shorter period (6-8 weeks) of time generally produces the best results.  L.E.T. maintenance sessions are generally recommended for optimal lymphatic health. Your lymphatic system is as unique as you are, therefore, individual treatment plans are available for you specific health goals and concerns.


How will I feel during or after my Lymphatic Enhancement session?


Most clients find Lymphatic Enhancement sessions to be very relaxing. Post treatment some people are highly energized for hours while others may feel the need to rest as needed. Each individual is unique and may react differently, but similar to other gentle detoxification therapies you may have an increase in bladder and/or bowel activity or a mild healing reaction as toxins exit through the natural pathways of the body.



Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my Lymphatic Enhancement session?


Drinking adequate amounts of water (6-8 glasses) is recommended before and after each L.E.T. session to assist in the cleansing process. We also ask you to refrain from applying any lotions, oils, creams or perfumes to the body prior to your session in order to achieve the best results.



Is there anyone who should NOT use Lymphatic Enhancement with the Lymphstar Pro?


While L.E.T. is beneficial for many clients, there are a few contraindications for this therapy. Contraindications include; 


  • Individuals with Pacemakers, other Implanted Medical/Electical devices, or medicine pumps.

  • Pregnancy

  • Congestive Heart Failure

  • Individuals with known blood clots or history of blood clots

  • Undiagnosed lumps or tumors

  • Some cosmetic implants and cosmetic injections/ fillers (such as Botox) for cosmetic or medical purposes

  • Active skin infections, or open wounds at time of treatment



Your health and wellness is important to us. Disclosure of all medical conditions and health concerns prior to your first session will assist our Lymphatic therapists in determining if L.E.T. is an appropriate therapy for your individual needs and concerns. Certain pre-diagnosed conditions may require your treating doctor's approval prior to treatment. 



This site does not provide medical advice. All information provided is intended for education only and should only be used in that manner. This information is not intended nor suitable to be a replacement for professional medical treatment. There is no replacement for personal medical treatment to a specific client or condition, except from your personal physician. Lymph-ology is not responsible for the misuse, misinformation or otherwise from personal use of this site. 


Lymphatic Enhancement
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