Muscle Recovery

Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (L.E.T) with use of the Lymphstar Pro ® is an effective treatment for sports injuries and muscle recovery after sporting events. When we injure our soft tissues through overuse-- such as ankle sprains, muscle strains or other injuries, fluid collects in the small spaces that surround the tissue. This accumulation of fluid is referred to as swelling or edema. Swelling is a natural step in the healing process as our body brings nutrient-rich fluid to the injured tissue for repair. By moving this stagnant fluid and out of the tissue, the body can deliver fresh nourishment to the souce of injury, thus allowing the tissues to heal more efficiently.

How can L.E.T. help?

The Lymphstar Pro ® can quickly assist in dimishing bruising, reduce swelling and enhance the regeneration of tissues. L.E.T. can be performed immediately, in conjunction with ice (when necessary) to reduce inflammation in the tissues and decrease healing time. L.E.T. can also help the scarring process by increasing lymphatic flow around the scar site.