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"I came to True Wellness looking to improve my overall health. The team at True Wellness suggested I start with Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy (L.E.T.) since it is a bit more broad for overall health and very non-invasive and relaxing.  A package of six weekly sessions, plus ion cleanse foot-baths (to help my body detoxify in a gentle way) was recommended for best results. This set up was honestly a challenge for my schedule, however, we did find a six week period that worked for me.  I am happy to say that after my first few sessions one of the biggest changes I noticed was an overall sense of health and well-being.... just as I had wanted! I am typically a very busy person, but somehow, after L.E.T. sessions I seemed to accomplish even more while feeling less sluggish. As a wonderful "side effect",  shoulder pain I have had for years also improved in the last two sessions. My shoulder is definitely less stiff and sore, especially in the A.M.!  As an added bonus, L.E.T. made me feel more relaxed and as a surgical nurse that can be challenging!  I now look forward to my monthly lymph sessions, for my overall health maintenance."

- Michelle R.

"Prior to my first Lymphatic Enhancement session I was dealing a wide range of issues from chronic constipation, to mental fogginess and high levels of anxiety. Immediately following my first session, my constipation was allieviated! By the fourth session, I noticed a huge change in my mental clarity and my anxiety levels dropped significantly. I love my results!"

- Deb M.

"When I was first introduced to L.E.T. I had no expectation that it would change my current health. However, after a few sessions I experienced a big improvement in my mental clarity. I noticed I was handling work assignments with greater ease and this contributed to decreasing stress and anxiety. I look forward to adding L.E.T. to my ongoing wellness regimen."

- Daniel D.

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